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This page gives a work history for LTCS. The listings are in descending chronological order. These projects are just the highlights of past experiences and do not encompass our entire portfolio. If you wish to learn more about any project or would like some code samples or references, please contact us via phone or email you will find our contact form by clicking here. We thank you in advance for your interest.   


Work History


Technology Stack: C#, Angular, React JS, SQL Server.

LTCS was part of a development team that created the CALEA Information Management & Reporting System (CIMRS) for the Commission on Accreditation for Law

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Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA). CIMRS enables CALEA and its clients to store and retrieve data for the accreditation process of four types of programs: 1) Law Enforcement, 2) Campus Security, 3) Training Academy, 4) Communications.

Each program is versioned and can potential change from year to year. The project has been successfully completed and is now in a maintenance contract to address any issues or add small new features.

CIMRS has a client relations component that allows certain credentialed users to receive email notifications when data is ready for review. Once reviewed, the client could then enter feedback that would be stored and become part of the accreditation process.

CIMRS has a considerable backend administration section. The primary functions are client and user admin, and accreditation program admin. The user admin allows you to assign roles and clients to users. The accreditation admin enables you to create new accreditation programs and versions. There is also an import tool for CSV files that contain program data into CIMRS.

CIMRS generates numerous PDF reports crucial to the accreditation process. These reports contain compiled statistics as well as pie charts generated from Charts.js. CIMRS also contains a digital signature system.