Custom Applications


There are many types of businesses that require a technology solution that is not readily available in the open market. For example a business could require special shipping requirements that are not available in a standard shopping cart system. In these cases and many others LTCS provides custom or customized applications. This essentially means that we create software that is built specifically for your business needs. Our custom applications come in two varieties new/green applications or existing application.

New Applications

If your business is looking to go digital with an outdated analog process or just looking to offer an exciting new service or product, LTCS could be the right partner for you. We provide a full cycle software development, where we work together with out clients take the project from the idea stage to a aesthetically pleasing and functional application.

LTCS new project development strategy consists of six parts: Discovery, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, Support and Maintenance.  To read more about this process please visit our new product development page by clicking here.

Existing Applications

Many businesses have existing software applications that need to be updated or maintained. LTCS has lots of experience in this field and understands that it presents many unique challenges. There are many decisions that need to be made with an existing application the first and foremost is whether or not it has outlived its natural life-cycle and needs to be replaced instead of enhanced and maintained.

LTCS has a well established process for taking on existing applications and giving your business an honest assessment of the time and money it will require to meet the client’s goals. To learn more about this process please visit our existing applications page by clicking here.